# About project

# Author's introduction

My name is Artem Gorlovetskiy (Unbywyd) (opens new window), I have been doing professional web development for over ten years with a focus on the front-end. Throughout the entire time, to perform work related to the layout of web pages, I used grunt, gulp and webpack, but time passed, experience gained, technologies changed, a certain vision of your own assembly appeared and it is in front of you.

This assembly is built on nodejs (opens new window) and contains all the necessary npm (opens new window) packages.

The main features of this assembly:

  • rapid deployment of customized work environment
  • availability of all the necessary tools
  • built-in multifunctional Dart Sass framework

# About Ungic

Sorry but..

At the moment the guide is still available only in Russian language

Ungic is a web layout development environment built in nodejs as a npm package (opens new window). The use of this assembly is necessary in order to

  • prepare the structure of the future project,
  • provide the development environment and the necessary tools to the web designer,
  • provide local server with live reload function,
  • provide tools to quickly write CSS styles,
  • provide tools to quickly write HTML markup,
  • provide tools for generating web icons of any format.

# Features and capabilities

The main feature of this tool is the rapid deployment of the project, which allows you to significantly save time and not be distracted by preparing the structure of the future project and various configurations of builders, plugins, preprocessor, post-processor, etc.

This assembly consists of three related plugins html, scss, icons, which allows use them both together and separately.

# Features and capabilities of the SCSS plugin:

The task of this plugin is to process the built-in Dart SASS framework, which in turn has the following capabilities:

# HTML plugin features:

# ICONS plugin features:

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